Company Profiles
Company Name: PP & P DECORATE, LTD.
Established: Registered Capital 10,000,000 baths.
Address: 207/87-89 Moo.5 T.Baan-Suan, Amphur-Mueang Chonburi, 20000 TH. Tel. (038) 798-354-5
Type of Organization: Family owned business
President : Mr. Suchin Tantiwongjalern
Executive Advisor: Mrs. Ladda Tantiwongjalern
Scope of work : Interior Decoration & fitting out work / loose furniture
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Our background

We can create all designs on the customized requirements by our long experience. In interior design group, we ensure in our products with high quality. Shipping in time and completing in scope of work in order to bring about the highest effective. Below information present the organization. We hope that all information will give profit for you.

• Management 4 peoples
• Engineer & Technology 5 peoples
• Designer & Estimator 3 peoples
• Leader 4 peoples
• Skilled Carpenter 30-60 peoples
• Carpenter 15 peoples
• Painter 30-60 peoples

Our history

In 1975, Mr.Suchin Tantiwongjalern was 17 years old. He was interested in hand-made job. Begin with being painter that paints all kind of furniture. In that time, he learnt and practiced about all tactics while got the other jobs that he could work them.

In 1977, Mr.Suchin Tantiwongjalern and his wife (Mrs.Ladda Tantiwongjalern) were built up their wealth. They improved from painter to an entrepreneur so as to increase their production. In the same time, we rent a small factory and hired 10 labors. We had a chance to work many jobs. We tried to practice our skills, kept a job description and promoted our products all time. About 5 months later, we got wood jobs. Everything keeps forward. We were known in the furniture business. Our products were acceptable from customers. The other customer knew us by word of mouth with quality, responsibility and products. We decided to expand production area to support more products in the future.

In 1995, we bought area and established PP&P DECORATE, LTD. at Mary Soi 4, T.Bansuan, Amphur- Muang, and Chonburi. We mainly emphasize for all processes of interior design to support customer requirements. We were famous in the furniture business with company name; PP&P DECORATE, LTD.

Since 1995, we have a famous in interior design business and are acceptable from Government, Company, Hotel, Residence, and the other entrepreneurs.
1995 Interior Design for Sarntiwong’s family (Building 8 floors – Residence) Chonburi
1998 Interior Design for Sirinthorn Princess’s residence Nakorn Srithummarat
1999 Interior Design for Mercure Hotel Chonburi (Room, Hall and Terrace) Chonburi

In 2000, Interior Design for :
- Darasamuth School (Sriracha)
- Preechanusart School (Chonburi)
- Punjasub School (Bangkok)
- Chatoric Church (Sriracha)
- Camilion Hospital (Thong Roh)

In 2001, Interior Design for SF CEIME Theater (MBK HALL)
2002 Interior Design for Sirinthorn Princess’s room (Burapha University, Chonburi)

In 2003, Interior Design for Sahaphathanaphibool Group (Sriracha and Kabinburi)
- Pentex Company
- Sahakojen (Chonburi) Co.,ltd
- Sahakojen (Kabinburi) Company
PP&P DECORATE; LTD. was assigned to decorate interior design for Sirinthorn Princess’s residence, Nakorn Srithummarat.

In 2004, PP&P DECORATE, LTD. expanded the factory to support more production and access to customer requirement in East Area.

In 2005-2008, We increase capacities include controlling production quality to reach the highest standard that brings about trust and reliance form customers. They have the highest profitability.

2010 Unit now days, We were on 21 century everybody knew like as everything changed. The world was distorted into good news and bad news by economic world crisis...”So bad.” … I heard from my mine always told me like, “I have to move. I have to run with hold all my responsibility; I have to take care of it.


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